Personalized Healthcare. Simplified

Personalized Healthcare. Simplified

"Passionate people working towards a compassionate world"

Who We Are

In the recent years, there has been a shift in the approach of medical technology companies in delivering products that aid in fast, cost-effective and efficient patient care. To this effect, like-minded, avant-garde team of doctors, scientists and businessmen, in collaboration, founded Vitalsense, the parent company, in 2015.

Under the brand of VitalChakra, the company incorporates constant emerging technologies to facilitate development of systems that aid diagnostic, management and treatment of illnesses.

Our Team

Vital Chakra takes pride in its team of experts and the best from their fields. The team includes a diverse set of minds young and old, each with extensive experience in their respective fields.


Mr. Anup Bajaj

Mr. Arun Bajaj


Dr. Sanjay Sharma


Dr. Nagendra Swamy


Prof. Shantanu Chaudhury


Mr. Shiv

Mr. Akshay

Mr. Suresh Seetharaman

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