Welcome to Vital Chakra

Vital Chakra believes that the future of healthcare, sick care and wellness lies in the technologies that are either worn or embedded in the body. Founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, healthcare and technology professionals, Vital Chakra is focused on building a portfolio of disruptive technologies that enables effective monitoring, earlier diagnosis, less invasive treatment options and reduction in rehabilitation time.

In its short span; Vital Chakra, has established strong partnerships with premier research and academic institutes, in both government and private sectors, enabling strong Innovation and Research backbone for the company. The company, has built large network of hospitals and doctors, who are potential early adaptors of technology, enabling quick transition of products from labs to market.

Focus Areas


Clinical Wearable Technologies


Point of Care Diagnostics


Monitoring & Therapeutics



"Colors of rainbow symbolize purpose and promise, at Vital Chakra, the purpose and promise is to simplify health monitoring, diagnostics, therapeutics, and rehab."

Why Vital Chakra ?

Wearable medical devices offer solutions to both Physicians and Healthcare Providers. The services/solutions offered can be categorized into four segments:

  • Disease management
  • Monitoring and feedback
  • Rehabilitation
  • Fitness

In India, the market for wearables is embryonic, selling a handful of products like Smart watches and fitness bands. However, this sector is growing at a very robust pace. The smart wearable market in India is expected to grow with a CAGR of 43.08% in the coming five years (2015 - 2020).

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